MLL Family café : 

Companionship, things to do for kids, youth and adults

The MLL family café welcomes all children under school age and their parents. Have a chat with other parents while sipping your coffee or tea. Children can play with each other. We do arts and crafts, play, sing and make excursions. The organiser of the family cafés, Mannerheim League for Child Welfare (MLL) is a national nongovernmental organisation that promotes the wellbeing of children and families. The cafés are run by volunteer workers. The language spoken is usually Finnish, but many of the visitors also speak English. Everybody is welcome. No advance booking, free participation.

Little evening snack in offered for everyone!

The evening family café is organized every first Friday of the month at 17.00-19.00,
Nuorten Raitti , Keskuskatu 2-4
(go through the Forum's backyard - there will be a MLL sign in front of door).


Refreshments and snacks are available, which we receive as a donation from S-Market.

Spring 2024:

Evening café at 17.00-19.00

Evening café at 17.00-19.00

Welcome everyone!

If you have any question about family cafe, please contact:
Mervi Pelkonen
050 413 9544