MLL Jämsä membership!

There are many ways to support MLL Jämsä's work to improve the well-being of children and families. You can donate, become a member or volunteer for inspiring activities!

As a member of MLL Jämsä you are not obliged to participate in anything, but you support our work in the Jämsä area and are entitled to the member benefits listed below.


The membership fee is 25 €. Children under 15 years of age can join as youth members and will not be charged a membership fee. You can find your electronic membership card and view and edit your membership information here on the Oma MLL service.

You can become a member on the MLL website or by contacting Terhi Tolppa-Virtanen, Membership Officer of our local association,

As a member of Jämsä MLL, you can get great discounts at the following places by showing your membership card!