Jämsä MLL membership benefits 2023-2024

As a member of the Jämsä MLL local association, you receive benefits from many local actors and as an MLL member you are also entitled to many different benefits around the country.

The national MLL benefits can be found here.

The regional MLL benefits can be found here.

MLL Lapsemme-magazine 4 times a year


Salon Studio / Galina Hanhimäki
10 % discount from KMS hair products

Jalkahoitaja Anne Nenola
10 % discount from a pedicure

Hieroja Tanja Virstajärvi
5 € discount from normal priced massages


Team Sportia Jäm

10% discount (excluding bicycles)

Tikkaus ja tarvike
10 % discount from fabrics and yarns (not applicable in online store)

10% discount from store products (not applicable to the second hand items)

Jokilaakson luontaispuoti
10 % discount from normal priced items

Pasicopy Oy
15% discount from canvases

Kuvapalvelu OK
20 % discount from child/baby photos

Mäen Huopaa ja Lankaa
10 % discount from normal priced items

Kulta Jyrgen Oy
10 % discount on all products (does not apply to battery replacement, repairs or already discounted prices)

10 % discount on all products (not applicable to already discounted prices

15 % discount on the daily price of a cleaning machine rental

Huolto-Kaksikko J-P Laine Oy
20 % discount on driving equipment 50 cc new mopeds/scooters without delivery charge (norm. 125€)


Cafe Elonen Jämsä & Cafe Elonen S-Market
10 % discount on normal priced products

Jämsän Kebab Pizzeria
1 € discount from meals

Jämsän Kinotar
pop-corn -50%


Kunnon Ässä Personal Trainer

-5% of the price of a private lesson

Studio Flow

15% discount on one-off visits and product sales

Kuntosali Keskikeho
10% discount on the 10-times card and inbody body composition measurement 20 euros (norm 25 euros)

Kuntokeskus Karboni
10% discount on products